Digitaldowns Virtual Horse Racing

Digitaldowns Virtual Horse Racing

Ever thought of owning, training or even breeding your own race horse? well at digitaldowns you can. We at Digital Downs are so confident that our virtual horse racing platform is the best in the world that we will match new stables dollar for dollar on their first deposit. What other virtual horse racing site can match this offer.
Take advantage today! Maximum deposit match is $500.00 US. Withdraw restrictions may apply to deposit matches.

When you register HERE please can you use this email address in the referred section of the registration form and after you complete the registration process, you will receive 4 free horses in your stable. These horses are called “creates” and they are foals born from site owned Sires and Mares. Creates vary in ability…let’s hope one or all of your new free horses have a great bloodline.

When you make a deposit of $50 or more we will send you 4 breeding vouchers so you may breed 4 times with no fees. Choose from quality sires and mares from the public breeding page. Or you may use your own sire and dam when you have the brood stock.

Immediately upon registering we will deposit $10 in game credits and $20 in bonus credits to help you get started. And as an extra bonus we have a selection of races which you can enter any of your horses for FREE..

Once you have joined, please make sure you read one of many new help guides for all members. Make sure to check out the player tutorial…helping you get the basics and join the forums and introduce yourself to other members.

Author: apak24