Looking for the ultimate laying system?

Horses which start a race at a high speed and lose pace near the end should be carefully followed by punters as they are likely to be the winners in the next race. Conversely, horses which start a race at a slower pace and then overtake their competitors from far behind should be avoided as they are unlikely to repeat this difficult feat many times in the future.

Be on the lookout for horses that have achieved sudden change in the way they are performing. There may be those who have lost and started winning from then on. They are the ones that are worth monitoring and betting on.

The ideal rest period for horses between races is 1 to 2 months. If a horse’s race has been 45 or 50 days ago this will be considered as the optimum resting period and the horse will be able to run to the best of its ability.

In order to make money betting on horses you need an excellent system determined by additional details than that. If you visit the race track and believe that you’ll generate a killing knowing something the competition knows, you happen to be delusional. Look at each race being a separate event and apply the stats that happen to be adjusted based on the conditions on the race.

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