The Greyhound Profit System

The Greyhound Profit System Operate this method; a copy of the Racing Post will be needed. You can view a copy on the internet at and go to the greyhound section.

Look at the racecards for each of the 4 morning and afternoon BAGS cards, plus the two meetings immediately after the end of the afternoon BAGS, these normally start at 6.28pm and 6.39pm. These are now the races we concentrate on.

Under each of the races throughout the whole day’s cards, the Racing Post’s Greyhound Tipster selects that he thinks will finish in that order. We are only interested in which Greyhound he tips to win the race, his first selection from the 3 Greyhounds listed. Going through the card each day you will soon be able to get your selection or selections marked off in a matter of minutes.

To find the selections, the Greyhound tipped must be the 2nd favourite in the betting forecast, and also qualify on at least TWO out of the following three rules. If it qualifies on all three rules, then it is a Nap bet and worth a little extra.

1. The forecast favourite must be 2/1 or over.

2. It must be the fastest dog on its last run. (Normally the Greyhounds last five runs are listed, you require the most recent as the sample below)

29Nov 470m [2] 4.46 3444 4th 6 Queen Tanga, Crd1 28.73 -30 4/1 A4 28.91 16Nov 470m [2] 4.38 1645 5th 11 Gin Pit Jig, Bmp&Fcd-Ck1 28.66 +10 4/1 A4 29.64 9Nov 470m [1] 4.45 2111 1st 3 Delwood Black, Mid-Rls,SnLd 28.86 -20 T2 28.66 2Nov 260m [2] 2-1 1st 1¾ Droopys Sneaky, Ld1,Mid 15.69 +10 T2 15.79 26Oct 260m [1] 2-1 1st 4½ Star Weekly, Rls,Ld1 15.60 N T2 15.60

3. It must have finished first or second last time out and in the last 14 days. As per the
sample below.

28Nov 470m [3] 4.42 1111 2nd shd In These Shoes, EP,Ld-NrLn 29.25 -30 7/2 A4 28.96 23Nov 470m [1] 4.37 1554 5th 5¾ White Fire, Fcd-Ck1&CrdBd 28.67 +10 5/2F A4 29.23 17Nov 470m [2] 4.34 1111 1st 1½ Confident Delia, EP 28.52 +10 7/2 A5 28.62 13Nov 470m [3] 4.32 1112 3rd 1¾ Fahy Heartache, QAw,Ld-3 28.72 N 4/1 A5 28.86 2Nov 470m [1] 4.42 1122 2nd 6½ Smudgers Pride, CrdRnUp,Ld-1 / 2 28.48 +20 T3 29.20

This system has stood the test of time and still makes substantial profits day after day throughout the BAGS cards.

Author: apak24