This is another system for the Greyhound fans out there, From April 2006 until 31st July 2007 this system generated 1786 selections which produced over 1250 winners with prices ranging from Evens to 8/1. I haven’t tested this system for a while.

The system works from 4 easy to follow rules which under no circumstances should be altered in any way. If a Greyhound does not meet all the criteria then you will find it best to leave as in the long term profits can severely suffer.

1. From the days cards note down all the Greyhounds with the following last two form figures, excluding trials: 11, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32. These are the positions that the Greyhounds finished in their last two races.

2. From those Greyhounds that you have selected delete any that have been moved up a grade since their very last run. If their last run was in an A6 and they are now running in an A5 and so on.

3. From those Greyhounds that you have left as possible selections check the following with the Sporting Life online Greyhound section: The race card prints just one time per dog as in the example below, any selections that you have left must not be one of the two fastest in the race.

Example, trap one has the last form figures of 22 (remember that in the Sporting Life the last two form figures are on the left, not the right like other publications.) It is still running in an A5 race and Trap 6 (30.45) and Trap 2 (30.57) have quicker times than Trap 1 (30.62). So far Trap 1 is still a selection.

4. Delete any Bitches where their seasons have been suppressed. This can also be found in the Sporting Life racecard. Look at Trap 3 it states that it is a Bitch by the b under the time we were looking at in rule 3, and to the right of that is the word suppressed.

All dogs that are still in after rule 3 automatically qualify as a selection

Author: apak24