Score draw Selection and Strategy.

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How the football pools works. Not the ‘Full Perm.

Score draw Selection and Strategy.

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Forget the National Lottery – doing the football pools is the traditional way to turn rags into riches.

The football pools have come a long way since 1918, when they were invented by a fellow called Jervis from Birmingham as a way of betting on the results of football matches. A handful of people paid pennies in the hope of winning a 2 jackpot.

The football pools is a form of pari-mutuel betting like the lottery. All of the money staked by each of the betting participants is placed in a “pool”. The organisers, and various others, take their share and what’s left is shared equally amongst the winners. In most cases, less than 30% of the full pool is actually returned to the winning punters. Unlike a bet placed with a bookie, the return on pools betting outlays can never be accurately determined in advance because the total number of participants is unknown, plus there can be quite a few winners with the same correct winning forecast. In such cases the bonanza is shared.

The main attraction of football pools betting is the fact that, unlike the lottery, it is possible to apply some “skill and judgement” to the prediction of results. For example, if the first match on the coupon is, say, Manchester United Vs Leeds, the chances of this match resulting in a score draw are far less than they would be if Manchester Utd were playing Arsenal. Therefore, we can eliminate this and other similar matches where the two teams have similar form.

Of course, the other main attraction of the football pools is the potentially huge prizes. Up until the mid 1940’s, the ‘penny points’ coupon (so called because each line on the coupon cost a penny) was the most popular type of pools entry. However, in 1946, the ‘treble chance’ football pool was introduced, and this now accounts for the vast majority of the money staked on the pools. Pools companies are able to operate all year round by making use of both British and Australian league football matches.
There are currently some 10 million people playing the football pools each week in the United Kingdom alone, and around 15 million is spent by the British public in the search for those elusive football matches which will result in a score draw.

Nowadays, a million pound jackpot is commonplace. The four main firms – Littlewoods, Vernons, Zetters and Brittens – issue over ten million coupons every week. The biggest firm is Littlewoods pools, which gives out prizes of over 200 million each year, working out at 4 million a week. Since many of these entries are shared, it means that around 16 million people in the UK alone have a financial interest in the football results.

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